Throughout the years, CR has worked on several projects that in various ways interlink with the responsibilities of the patent engineers and patent lawyers. Here are a selection of examples.

Expert witness or Third Party scientists
We have written expert statements and declarations and performed studies used in infringement cases.

Patent enforcement plan
We have developed an analytical method for the IPR holder to be able to enforce their rights on their formulation.

Scientific Due Diligence and TPP-work
We have given our advice to a group of investors based on the question “will it work?”. Here, we based our advice on the patent material, a critical literature analysis and interviews with the scientists in question.

We have several experiences on how to spot The Gap in a product development plan and help both Management and Investors to reduce surprises. This is particularly of value for the smaller or less experienced group of developers of course. Very often, there is a naïve picture of the preclinical stages, cmc questions etc.

Target Product Profiles are necessary and we are experienced in both leading and taking part in the needed exercises. We document and follow-up and never work without giving this phase the time it needs.

We are inventors
We have contributed to inventions for clients and more often giving them the knowledge-platform on which they innovate. We have been pivotal for some companies in their choices of formulation strategy (pharma). This, we have learned, is often extremely valuable from an IPR perspective when it comes to Life Cycle Management and we are skilled in transferring from one administration route and formulation strategy to another.