Should it stay or should it go?

ellipsometry hair polymer deposition

The market for hair products is demanding. We as users want the hair to be cleaned but not dry, shiny but not oily. We want the product to pour easily from the container but lay still in our hands. We want the foam to lather but not irritate skin or scalp. We want the conditioner to stay on the hair while dirt is rinsed away…

Producers of hair products meet their customers’ needs through a combination of many different ingredients; polymers, particles and surface active agents. The effect of one ingredient in a complex mixture is not obvious and there is a great advantage to have a relevant screening method in the development phase.

Together with a large company in the Personal-Care and Cosmetics industry we have used surface techniques such as Ellipsometry and QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance) to analyze how much of the product that remains on a surface after rinsing.

The result is not only the possibility to distinguish between mixtures with more or less tendency to adsorb on the surface but also a developed method to be used for future comparisons in the different development stages.

Down-load our application note on surface adsorption here!



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