SPAS course evaluation

    Dear SPAS course participant,
    We would greatly appreciate your views and comments on the course. Please give your sincere answers to the questions below.

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    1. Were your expectations of the course fulfilled?
    2. Will the course be of use to your future work?
    3. How did you find the performance of the lecturers?
      Poor Excellent
    4. What did you think of the course compendium?
      Poor Excellent
    5. What did you think of the DataPhysics segment? Note that CR did not receive any financial contributions from DataPhysics.
      Poor Excellent
    6. If there would be another segment like the one with DataPhysics, which other technique(s) or measurement(s) would be of value to you?
    7. Would you recommend the course to a colleague?
    8. What did you find especially positive about the course?
    9. What could be improved or developed further with the course?
    10. How did you hear about the course?
    11. What subject would interest you in the future?
    12. For online participants, how was the digital experience?
      Poor Excellent


    1. General organization
      Poor Excellent
    2. Hotel room (if Story Hotel)
      Poor Excellent
    3. Hotel service (if Story Hotel)
      Poor Excellent
    4. Refreshments during breaks
      Poor Excellent
    5. Course lunches
      Poor Excellent
    6. Course dinner
      Poor Excellent
    7. Conference facilities
      Poor Excellent
    8. Schedule
      Poor Excellent

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