Wanted: Diploma Workers for CR and Tetra Pak joint project!

milk dispersion diploma

Strange results from drop size measurements

Tetra Pak delivers liquid food processing equipment. One of our key components is the Tetra High Pressure Homogeniser which is used to reduce the size of particles and fat droplets. To make sure that the food product meets the specifications we measure the droplet sizes in a size distribution, as can be seen above. We do this by using light scattering- and diffraction instruments. Sometimes these instruments give strange readings and the goal of the diploma work is to investigate why and find methods to correct them. The work will be done as a cooperation between Department of Food Technology at LTH, Tetra Pak, CR Competence (a scientific consultant company with expertise in nanochemistry). Experimental methods could, in addition to light scattering, include light microscopy, confocal microscopy, TEM, and nanoparticle tracking analysis, and others.

For this task we prefer two students working together and they need to have an interest in advanced measurement methods and experimental design. They must also be curious and willing to test new things as well as being prepared to work methodically in the lab.

Contact person: Fredrik Innings
Email: fredrik.innings@tetrapak.com
Telephone: 046-362014
Time needed: 20 weeks
Starting date: Any
Location: LTH Food Engineering and Tetra Pak in Lund with secondments at CR Competence in Lund

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