History / Vision


Colloidal Resource was founded the late summer of  2005.  Karin Bryskhe and Anna Stenstam had recently recieved their Doctorate degrees from the departement of Physical Chemistry 1 at Lund Universtity, a department with the very best renommé both nationally and internationally also for their industrial relations.

It was obvious for them both that with the starting point in chemistry many solutions can be found to problems faced by product developers in various companies. Moreover, with a good plan only a few tests are needed and in academia there are many instruments that can be of use for more parties. The possibility that through science and good relations with Lund University work with the scientific world as a base – for companies with real product development – was the fundament for Colloidal Resource and the two subsidiaries. Now, all the consultancy is done through CR Competence while in-house ideas are developed through CR Development.

CR Development was born from the same environment – the true presence at the Chemical Centre. Together with Dr. Daniel Topgaard, formerly PhD student with Anna and Karin, a patent application was written based on the technology Daniel was currently working with. The possibility that Daniel’s technology (that earlier had been used on bakers yeast) could distinguish between different cancer types was the basis for OncoPulse, the first project within CR Development.

In 2017, the two companies have separated from an administrative point of view, but we still share the same coffee room and vision.


Our vision is that in as many ways as possible act as a true bridge between academia and society; to make the world a better place and minimize waste of money, resources and brains through better understanding of products and processes and the use of the scientific method.

We want to be a workplace that houses everyday joy of discovery, curiosity and creativity based on our knowledge of science and the needs of businesses and communities.

Through CR Competence, academic resources and a genuine understanding is made useful in business while interesting questions and systems are brought into academia. We believe in Quality by Understanding®
Adding Value Through Science.