In this paper with Mohanty et al. (Nature; Scientific Reports 7,1487) our colleague Marc Obiols Rabasa has contributed to the elegant way of combining light, X-rays and neutrons! The paper focuses on the investigation on how thermoresponsive microgels, a good model system, respond to dense packing. The team of scientists represent both CR and the academic department of Physical Chemistry, Lund University with which we have a long and prosperous relationship.

From the article: “Given the fact that microgels can in principle adapt both their size as well as their shape in response to the environment, any attempt to understand the structural and dynamic properties of dense microgel dispersions thus requires quantitative information about the behaviour of the individual particle as a function of temperature and density.”

Marc is also lecturing at our SAXS course with MAX IV Laboratory and Lund University Commissioned Education

Interpenetration of polymeric microgels at ultrahigh densities by Mohanty et al. Nature Scientific Reports 7, article 1487 (2017).