Federica Sebastiani

Federica Sebastiani had a post-doc position with us (see below) and has now moved to Malmö University and the Biofilm center, where we are engaged and keep in good contact!

Federica Sebastiani has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Reading (UK) and a strong background in Physics. Her doctoral work was performed at ILL (Grenoble, France) and it focused on the study of an oxidation reaction of organic monolayer at the air–water interface by means of Neutron Reflectometry and Ellipsometry, together with other ancillary techniques such as Brewster Angle Microscopy, UV/Vis spectroscopy and FTIR Spectroscopy, she developed a model to interpret the experimental data and derive the kinetics parameters.

With us, Federica had a post-doc position within the Bibafoods frame work and worked on encapsulation of enzymes for food applications. Check out her film about it!