We at CR have just waited for the possibility to hook up with Per Viklund in a more solid way. For some time Per has been part of our Greater CR and helped us in recent projects. But both parties wanted more and from March 2020 he is 100% part of Core CR and that is really some great news not only for us but for our clients and partners!

Per Viklund has a background as material scientist (PhD from Lund University) that he has explored within several different companies, just like CR! This means that Per has leveraged his scientific understanding of materials as product responsible developing engineer for life-science companies QPharma and McNeil but also worked with nano-wires for solar cells (Sol Voltaics), for Tetra Pak and as a consultant with Bodycoat Material Testing. Most recently, Per was technical product manager at the fats and oil company AAK.  No wonder we are excited to have Per on our team! 

At CR, we know we will enjoy his broad experience working with different types of companies and people in various stages as he helps us find the best way to align our way of working with others. Read more about Per here!   and take contact with him directly if you want to have a chat on how he and we can help you.

Welcome Per!!