* quote from Uncle Al

Some things really can be predicted, also in the complex world of chemistry and commercial products, in fact all the relations, laws and constants are there to be used. So what makes so many turn to trial-and-error instead? We believe it is partly due to lack of trust in ones capabilities to do the math and do it right. Another contributing factor is unfortunately the cultural attitude in several companies that favors laboratory labor (that always will bring data to the manager, in the worst case useless data) over desk-top/futon labor of thinking (that in the worst case brings you nothing). Simply speaking, it is easier to defend ones work hours in the lab than ones hours in a comfortable chair. However, some companies are different. P&G is one of those who understand the value of thinking first and with this come the possibility to put an effort into putting up the right equations to be able to predict performance from a very complex product.

For P&G we have worked on getting these equations right. In addition to a working model for predicting performance it has raised questions about how the product can be further optimized. The model can now be used both as intended, i.e. to screen for the best compositions as well as to evaluate the mechanistic understanding of the intended action which of course will lead to even better possibilities for improvement and raised internal expertise on the technology itself.