All Knowledge is Used

Our vision is simple. We want all knowledge to be used: knowledge from scientists before us, other fields of industry or our latest studies.

We believe in the power of the scientific method and that understanding is the best fundament for a business decision. We want to drive results through the understanding of ingredients, processes and products. This effects our project set-up.

We want to deliver with impact. We want new learnings to change ways of doing and thinking. This effects our project delivery.

We want to be a workplace that houses everyday joy of discovery, curiosity and creativity based on our knowledge of science and the needs of businesses and communities. This effects our lives.


The services of CR originate from “Colloidal Resource AB” founded the late summer of  2005. Karin Bryskhe and Anna Stenstam had recently received their Doctorate degrees from the departement of Physical Chemistry 1 at Lund University, a department with the very best renommé both nationally and internationally also for their industrial relations.

It was obvious for them both that with the starting point in chemistry many dreams can be followed and problems solved for product developers in various companies. Through good relations with academic groups a set-up of an advanced sharing economy was built. This has led to a freedom to look for the smartest solution for the client in every situation. At CR we run a study on the instrument needed, not the instrument available.


Based on understanding of interactions of both molecules and people, the stability of formulations as well as our ecosystems and the value of diversity of both ideas, people and biology- we will do all we can to improve products and processes, our own and others. We want to contribute to a world where we all thrive. We will increasingly work with the transition to sustainable products and processes. We will continue to look after our team and we will share our learnings and open up to listen to others.

Anna Stenstam

We are like almost everybody else – getting started.
We have like everybody else – potential.
You are invited to follow us to see how we develop.
The starting point is our Sustainability policy v.1 from 2021. A seed.