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Here are all the cases we have had time to write up a story about.

Since 2005, we have worked in over 1000 projects with approximately 100 clients.
Our clients are sometimes local but more often not in Sweden. We have made professional friends through working in projects with companies in the USA, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, the UK, France, Italy, Norway, Finland, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Belgium and Austria.

In addition to these examples of product, process or analytical development, we support clients as scientific peers, give theoretical scientific and project management support in various phases. For this, check “continuous support”.

Enjoy the stories and get in touch if you want to join the happy crowd.

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magnifyer methods

Cells making cellulose

Palm oil without palm trees

Master and PhD projects

Integrated sessions

Go Circular upcycling

Upcycling farm waste – just add positive energy

cleaning oil

Cooking and cleaning – it is all colloidal


From molecule to mouthfeel

fish protein CR

It’s all about taste and texture, and protein

SPAS 2022 CR course

Surfactants and Polymers in Aqueous Solution (SPAS)

crystallisation wax rape seed

Taming crystallisation of natural wax blends

sustainability water CR

Reducing water use for a more sustainable everyday

Alteco medical endotoxin filtration CR

Alteco Medical – saving money while saving lives

dioxane capture CR

The 1,4-Dioxane count down

filters by CR

Fouling and clogging of filters is not only problematic but … inevitable.

detergency Biolin and CR QCMD

A powerful tool for evaluation of detergency

deformulation analytical method developement

Method development for deformulation, the act of creative caution

inhalation analysis CR part of larger team

The analysis of an elusive pharmaceutical active

Transplant technology saving time

A transplant technology that can transform hours into years

CR scattering pattern

White Paper – Using scattering techniques to characterize systems at the nanoscale: Why, When and How.

team brain how we work

For a drug to really make its wonder, patients need to take it

CR DLS Nano Regulations

Measuring the Invisible

cr precipitation

Detective work and a quality control strategy for precipitation

sem surface superhydrophobic

Superhydrophobic surfaces – a cocktail of texturing, size and some chemistry


Stable concept based on facts and HPLC

seminar ingredient chemistry

Super seminar – set in context

SPAS Registration

phantom liquid crystal mri

A phantom to be scanned

chemistry theory

Remember the shoulder of giants and read their work

When you want to be Accurate, Precise and Creative

placebo lotions

We would be nowhere without it – the Placebo – but how hard can it be?

Status Quo testing adsorption

Testing for Status Quo

formulation ph solubility

White Paper – the usefulness of pH solubility diagrams

soap feeling

The origin of a Feeling

ellipsometry adsorption

White Paper – Surface characterization and its usefulness…

embedded appeciated

CR Embedded – a rewarding way of partnering

bed bug prototypes

Bed bugs and how to lure them well. An example of idea generation and prototype production.

Cross-business learnings and gains – the CR way

natural excipient charcaterization

Excipient Characterization

Tobias Halthur lecturing and demonstrating

Courses and Webinars

cellulose model nano qcm

A kitchen analogy to surface modification

Anoto pen digital

Development of digital pens

expert witness patent claim

Expert witnesses for patent claims

aluminium foil surface

Improved lamination is hot hot hot…

mixing dispersions

Text book difficulty requires out of the book thinking

genius at work

When charge density is more than a number…

CR library theory

A week in the lab can save you a day in the library… *

tools for process and lab

How formulation science connects with process, stability and performance

stable formulation and relation

A stable formulation – and client relationship

AFM nanoscale

Looking at the nanoscale

inhalation pharmaceuticals

Inhalation Formulation Science

For even better surgical outcome

nmr mri

OncoPulse™ a package of clinical MRI technologies

AFM nanoscale

Competent collaboration

kidney triomed medical device

Adding to a better walk of life.

detergency laundry

Cleaning up the act

SAXS Colloidal network

Working for a better hair day

phases details big pictyre

When the big picture needs just a little more attention to details

nmr tubes colloidal experiment

No haste when making a better paste

drug cell pharma action

Drug vs Cell – mechanism of action

diffusion colloidal nmr

Diffusion in gels – a labyrinth worthy of NMR and SAXS

thinking reading molecule

Sludge is not waste – when you think about it.


Where’s the water?

ellipsometry surface polymer sustainability

Should it stay or should it go? A surface issue.

solar cell nano wire

Solar Cell – A bucket full of sunshine

CR applied science lab

Opening the tool box for personal care