We are very proud of how our clients value working with us. Here’s what they are saying:

“CR has brought great insights and value to real world problems in our product development cycle. They have a great balance of being focused on the end product and also bring best in class scientific thinking and approaches”

Eric Johnson, Research Fellow, P&G Beauty, Cincinnati, USA

“We would never have been able to realize this idea into a product concept without your competence, access to advanced instruments and collaboration skills”.

Helena Nicklasson, VP Product Development & Drug Delivery

“I think that the key difference vs. other contract research organizations is the flexibility, I have really appreciated your ability to changes plans in order to meet new needs/new findings”

Personal Care company

“The seminar that you gave at our premises and the follow up discussions were a success: based on this activity, we are currently running preliminary experiments, which are showing promising results.”

Personal care and ingredient company

“CR impressed by being on time, on budget in a very demanding situation”

Pharma Company

“From initial discussion to project planning to execution to wrap-up, CR was always on time and on track. They knew how to transfer scientific results and insights from an academic point of view to an industrial concept.”

Stefan Dilsky, Director Global RnD

“When deviations are made due to eg. availability of materials, the solution was pragmatic, proactive and well communicated”

Pharma Company

“We want to work with you because we want to be like you”

Specialty Chemical Company

“What I love with you guys is that you talk about very complex matters in a way that I can follow so I know I can make use of the results.”

Pharma Company

“CR are similar to other CRO’s in many ways but we have found their willingness to discuss data with us very useful”

Health Care company

‘’CR has the skills to translate complex scientific topics into experiments and practice with great results that are used in our day to day business by non-scientific persons. Very impressive’’

Cosun Biobased Products

“The collaboration with CR has been very positive, we have really appreciated their ability to propose and carry out experiments able to provide important learning on product application on top of theoretical models. We have really appreciated their flexibility, this has allowed  to change plans in a timely way and to match project needs that have changed based on new learning and/or new business direction”

Personal Care company