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From scientific due diligence to supplemental studies and knowledge-building, we are your strategic science partner. If you share our belief that the scientific method drives results, we work with you to provide results-oriented support all the way to the boardroom and beyond.

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On the importance of unboxing nucleotides

Unboxing was a youtube-phenomenon some time ago where we could follow the joy and excitement of fellow humans opening up parcels to find their long-awaited new products. Today, that is so not trending but getting your shot is and selfies are taken with the familiar band-aid on your fellow’s shoulder. What is happening in the…

Jonas Carlstedt - CRcom

Welcome Jonas Carlstedt!

Here are some great news! Jonas Carlstedt has joined Team CR and we are very happy about this, for obvious reasons! Together with Jonas we will have one additional creative yet critical pair of eyes on what we are doing, making our service even better. He has extensive experience working with various colloidal systems and…

cr Per Viklund

Welcome Per Viklund!

We at CR have just waited for the possibility to hook up with Per Viklund in a more solid way. For some time Per has been part of our Greater CR and helped us in recent projects. But both parties wanted more and from March 2020 he is 100% part of Core CR and that…

CR desk

CR 15 years – first five baby steps

This week, we were going to celebrate with many of you the wonderful fact that CR has been around for 15 years. We will celebrate but want to hug and be close, so we wait a bit… while waiting, we want to highlight some of what has happened throughout those 15 years in three 5-year…

carbon fulleren buckminster socce

Daedalus and the buckyball

Graphene, nanotubes and other novel carbon-based materials are all in vogue nowadays, but it is an interesting exercise to take a step back and reminisce the true origins and underpinnings of the carbon craze that currently permeates chemistry and material science. This exercise touches on the soccer world cup (to commence June 14th in Moscow), and…

feedback apple

Two stars and a wish – and feedback-cake

“Two stars and a wish” might be a children’s activity but that surely doesn’t make it invalid for us who knows its worth. As a grown-up, you also have the choice of opening your envelope with 12 stars and 6 wishes at the same time as you open a bottle of wine. At CR, knowledge…