At CR, we provide scientifically sound and sustainable business direction.

The three concepts in this process – science, sustainability, business – aren’t incompatible. Quite the opposite. Because of overlapping global crises and the regulations put in place to deal with them, only solutions that embrace environmental, social and economic sustainability are good for business.

So, we make sustainability a consideration at every stage of our projects. And in our experience this improves both methodologies and outcomes.

Here’s a guide to how we do it: science, sustainability and business step by step.

Reporting and sharing

We deliver a final report in the most useful format.
We supply raw data and technical details.
We present to your organization to prompt sustainable change.

Reporting and Sharing

Feedback and wrap-up

This is where we look back and look forward.
We collect and analyze opinions from everyone involved.
We analyze the resource use.
We eat cake.

Feedback and Wrap-Up

Making Contact

We introduce ourselves and learn a little about each other.
We find out if we meet your needs, your ways of working and your supplier policy.
We see if the project is compatible with our sustainability goals.

Making Contact

Defining the Scope

Here, we define the problem and a satisfactory outcome.
We formulate a hypothesis, what’s needed and what’s nice.
We find out what sustainable alternatives are suitable.

Defining the scope

Reaching an agreement

We outline the work we’ll do.
We show you what the results might look like.
We explore specific sustainability details.
We make an official quote.

Reaching an agreement


Here, we clarify expectations, establish project structure and confirm goals.
We ensure we truly embed sustainability in the project.
We manage the impact of project work via a materiality assessment.
We assess the project’s wider impact with a stakeholder analysis.


The Project

We ask the questions, what do we see? and what does it mean?
We use the most appropriate instruments and methods.
We observe opportunities to be more sustainable, now and in the future.
We keep you involved in decision-making.

The Project

Result Discussion

Here, we assess the data as a whole and in context.
We discuss what the results mean: to you and the planet.
We elaborate on our findings.
We identify sustainability risks and opportunities.

Result Discussion

Improving products and processes

For years, we have helped companies in their sustainability transition. Our motto “Quality by Understanding” have guided us. We have asked how a product and process can be adjusted, to be better. We have worked with substitutions, reducing water content or water need in-use. We have worked with prolonging lifetimes of materials and developing methods for cleaning solutions from toxic chemicals.

In 2022 we began to add this perspective to all projects, also when it is not a request. Because we want to add value. All investments our customers make should rend them a guide towards doing better. In 2023 we begun to classify and track our projects. Could we make “less good” into “truly good”?

Improving CR and beyond

In 2021 we began to look at ourselves, what we could do to improve. We began with our Sustainability lunches, where we have educated ourselves on topics as Digital pollution and Green Lab initiatives. We began inviting experts to teach us about plastic recycling and how to perform a Life Cycle Analysis. We wrote the company’s first Sustainability policy, version 1.

In 2022, we made Sustainability on pair with Science and Sales for the company strategy and future. We created ways to share ideas and our internal Science Club focused on Green Surfactants, Green Polymers, New foods and processes. We volunteered to be the pilot company for a sustainability status review and learned we could do way better integrating sustainability as a way of thinking, as science and service already is. And we bought a bike.

In 2023, we decided to invest further, looking at us and all our stakeholders, for the sake of the one that really matters, our living planet. It is the result of this that you see in the CR process: “from Fika to Fika”: all our identified situations where we can improve, learn and have an impact.

In 2024, our first Sustainability Report will be published.

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This is a team effort but you are always welcome to contact Anna!