We compare methods and develop protocols, we validate and we use them.

Technical tool-box, evaluation

Often, the first assignment is to find and evaluate different techniques to be used in a product development or control phase. In these projects, we test a selected set of samples with a couple of different techniques to see what we need to guide in future steps. Pros and cons together with suggestions for tailored modifications of the protocols are part of the deliverable.

Development and validation

We love developing methods we can use in our clients development and production work or they themselves can use after a thorough tech transfer to the client or a third lab. Technical validation according to guidelines and stability studies are often the end points. The methods commonly used in these type of projects are HPLC, SAXS, NMR and Rheology but Ellipsometry and QCM-D are increasingly requested.

CR Analysis

If the method is already in place and you just want us to use it for you – we propose “CR Analysis”, our offering with minimum management and reporting, you get the data and our thoughts about it!

To know more about how such projects can be structured and in which areas we work, check the links below or contact any one in the team.

Cases within “Method development and analysis”

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