Ownership & Organisation

Board and Management

The members of the board are Bo Åhnebrink (chair), Karin Bryskhe, Sten Ericsson, Rolf Elmér and Caroline Åkerman. The CEO is Anna Stenstam who utilize the entire team on a managerial level based on principles from Holocracy.

Anna Stenstam is the data protections officer and the person to contact for any questions regarding our privacy policy or regarding access or correction requests.


Founders are Karin Bryskhe and Anna Stenstam, both with doctorate degrees in physical chemistry from the University of Lund. In 2010, the ownership of the company was broadened by Bio Art AB, a company in Börringe Kloster Group who invested capital for continued growth. In addition, Daniel Topgaard, the scientist behind the related company Random Walk Imaging became a partner. In 2015, the ownership in the mother company was broadened by a group of private investors. CR Competence has shares and one position in the board of MVIC AB.


We love collaborations and would like to high-lite the following operative partners:
MVIC (Medicon Valley Inhalation Consortium)
Join Business and Technology
Physical Chemistry, Lund University
MAX IV Laboratory