You have found our core.

We believe in Quality by Understanding so it is close to our heart to provide you with means to deepen yours: about your ingredients, your processes and formulations. How does it really work? How can you control it based on what is really critical?

Science is a good handle to hold on to

In addition to our project deliverables which we do our best to provide in a pedagogic way, we raise the level through:

  • Webinars: contact Tobias for examples or check this link.
  • Courses, in-house or open, like the famous SPAS course (below)
  • Experimental learning cycles:
    projects with an added seminar using your data. (it keeps everyone awake)
  • Projects taking a step back, getting to the fundamentals!
  • Joint Master- and PhD projects

We also try to educate by writing White Papers and Application Notes. We hope you appreciate these!

Every year, we give the phenomenal course Surfactants and Polymers in Aqueous Solution, a.k.a. SPAS. It is based on the book by professors Björn Lindman, Krister Holmberg and Bengt Kronberg. The two former also lecture the course.
For more information go here.

Here is a lecture by Tobias Halthur given through AOCS (American Oil Chemist Society). “Surface techniques for a successful transformation to the natural space” This link takes you to You Tube.

Tobias Halthur

Our academic past

We are scientists applying the scientific method to business critical situations. The type of work we have been part of creating that is published in peer reviewed papers say very little about what we do in CR. It is however, an important part of the individuals’ expertise and it could be interesting for you to see the fantastic width of science we have done!

Contact CSO Tobias Halthur for ideas of lectures, webinars etc.