Innovation is a wonderful thing. And when we can help companies develop and realizing their ideas, which make a difference, we think it’s even more wonderful.

For patients diagnosed with renal or kidney failure life is altered. When most of the kidney function is lost, dialysis is needed and this changes life for the patients even more. Now, the body fluids have to be balanced through an external function, through peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis. Both alternatives tie the patient to a much more restrictive way of living. That is why the company Triomed is dedicated to the development of a portable system that mimics the kidney function: the Carry Life System.

The work of the kidney is indeed complex, and to mimic the filtering, titration, removal and balancing effects of this organ is an acknowledged difficulty that none has overcome fully yet.

We have worked very closely with Triomed for over five years on the different stages needed in the process. Here, we have used our expertise in surface adsorption and complexation chemistry.  We have taken active part in scientific advisory board meetings as well as with regulatory authorities, not to mention thousands of hours in the lab. In the early days of Triomed we served as the company chemistry department and management. Triomed has since then advanced and have internal competences that we can complement when needed, for example with high-end technologies such as NMR.

Photo by Anton Nikolov on Unsplash