Stability of the product came first – a stable relation came as a bonus!

For this company, we have become their primary partner for development of several products. But it has been an all-but straight journey! They came to us because they wanted to produce and sell a stable disinfectant solution based on a chemical that is known to be very unstable. So, our first task was to help them make it stable-enough for their various applications. It might sound easy but it sure was not. We used every trick in the book and then some! Working against nature as it was…

What finally made it work was taking a step back, thinking and changing their formula based on what we could understand about the break-down of the chemical. The result was not only that they got a stable-enough solution but the new formula also added value in terms of marketing benefits. Since then, we have helped with several studies, their patent applications, finding the way through the regulatory framework and all that a primary Scientific partner could.

Now, they are in the process to develop products to be used both as wound-wash at hospitals, as disinfectants and as pharmaceutical products and together we have a PhD student studying the oral biofilms! 

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash