Sometimes our experience, knowledge and competence are used with the counterparts of our client. This gives a unique perspective on things and together we discover new findings, only apparent when cooperating professionally.

Lipidor AB in Stockholm is developing the AKVANO™ technology, a novel dosage form for topical delivery of drugs and cosmetics. AKVANO™ is characterised as a water-free, sprayable, volatile, lipid layer-forming carrier.

Lipidor’s expertise in working with lipids in combination with CR Competence’ understanding of how they behave at surfaces and how the surfaces can be studied has led to a new collaboration. In the first phase we have proven successful the technique of AFM in order to visualize the modified surfaces and through this make it possible to distinguish between different structuring behaviours. These structures can be further characterized by using for example ellipsometry and SAXS.

In the Atomic force micrograph picture, dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine (DMPC) could be clearly seen to form disc like structures after evaporation, with a step height of 4-5 nm consistent with bilayer formation