In this case we have worked more close with our client than ever before, embedded. Our client asked if we could serve in an embedded function providing the formulation expertise into their key project group. Thus, in parallel with a classical experimental project where we in our own lab have produced test formulations for their animal tests, we have had one scientist present in all the client’s internal meetings where hypothesis and results are discussed and project plans have been set. We are very proud of the trust shown to us by our client and we are happy to have been able to help our client in this very special situation.

Our role as advisers has increased with our years of experience in all production phases. We are now asked to provide in-put all the way from due diligence of new IP, through formulation strategies and release specifications to process control issues and scientific marketing of existing products. To be embedded while at the same time keeping the outside perspective, to truly get to know your clients internal processes while at the same time keeping to The CR way, is not an easy task but it is extremely rewarding for both parties.