Ekobalans Fenix AB develops techniques for producing residue based fertilizers. The raw material in the process is sludge or digestate from sewage treatment plants, biogas plants, or industries or manure from animal producers. By combining different types of process technologies, they can selectively extract nutrients from the raw material and create clean fertilizer products composed and adapted to the specific use; in agriculture, in forestry, or in the garden.

But there are many reactions possible and many parameter choices to be made that are critical to the outcome. Ekobalans needed our attention to the inorganic/organic chemistry as a complement to their own expertise in plant ecology.

For Ekobalans we have through calculations been able to support the management in important process decisions in their product development. Our almost unlimited access to state-of-the art instruments was not needed this time. Through reading, thinking and calculating we could provide a basis for decision, risk assessment and a plan forward.