OncoPulse™ is a package of diffusion based MRI technologies

The CR Development package OncoPulse for image acquisition and processing includes IsoPulse for evaluation of the directionality of the tissue microstructure, VePulse which is a robust analysis to extract the blood volume and ExPulse that measures the exchange of water between different compartments in the tissue. Today the technology platform is used for research on clinical scanners around the world.

With ExPulse the permeability of a human cell can be measured without labels or contrast agents and most importantly; it differs between benign and pathological cells, for example cancerous breast cells. MRI scans based on this technology could give the same information as a biopsy and still be fully non-invasive saving time, pain and money. This innovation has been granted with several awards, also the prominent SKAPA prize in honour of Alfred Nobel.

The development towards clinical applications of the package is carried out as collaboration led by Karin Bryskhe from CR’s sister company company Random Walk Imaging. The partners in this project are Professor Daniel Topgaard at the department of Physical Chemistry , Lund University, Dr Markus Nilsson at the department of Medical Radiation physics, Lund University and Professor Carl-Fredrik Westin at Laboratory of Mathematics in Imaging,  Harvard a Medical School.

The methods are now being tested for potential use on neurological pathologies as well as for breast and prostate cancer diagnostics.