We have worked very closely on a product development issue that has implications on almost everything from the processing pump pressure to the end-customer’s appreciation of the product.

The dominating problem in this particular project was the short from contradicting specifications in the product, indeed an optimization issue, and the very tricky sample itself. The system displays a very interesting rheological behavior – but as ever so often “interesting” also means “very difficult to work with”. To solve both the underlying development question as well as the technical problems in the different characterization steps, we had to open both our minds and the whole tool-box available at the Chemical Centre;

To confirm process ability, rheological methods (oscillatory and rotational) were used, also at ultra high shear.
The mechanism of action has been studied with X-ray and sorption to be able to optimize performance and help our client to make the right choices in their formulation.
Product stability has been studied with NMR, DWS (Diffusion Wave Spectroscopy) and GC-MS  in relation to time, container choice and environment.
A prediction of stability was done and correlated to accelerated lab studies.

In this project all team members have been available with in-put from their respective positions as experts and the project is now in it’s third phase with a goal of a deeper understanding of the mechanism of action correlated to consumer appreciation.