CR White Paper* on surface characterization

Surface characterization and its usefulness to understand polymer
in fact any macromolecule 
surfactant interactions with the world
by Tobias Halthur 2017

Adsorbing macromolecules can be used to stabilise colloidal dispersions and to modify surfaces, thus supplementing surfactants in several formulations. However, polymer adsorption can also cause issues in processing where polymers adsorb irreversibly onto tubes and linings…
Polymer and surfactant interactions can lead to complexes in bulk that deposit on surfaces, which is sometimes desired (hair conditioners, corrosion inhibitors) and sometimes not. Proper understanding of the driving forces can guide a product developer through important decisions, and there are tools that can be used to build this understanding. This paper aims to introduce the reader to these tools, the information they can give and what to think of before planning such a study. This paper also aims to introduce the reader to the driving forces behind adsorption since so many decisions in process- and product design can be done better considering these fundamentals.

ellipsometry surface characterization adsorption


CR White paper – Surface characterization

Surface characterization and its
usefulness to understand polymer
– in fact any macromolecule – and
surfactant interactions with the world.

It highlights ellipsometry and QCM-D.

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