Packaging, Food & Other Smart Solutions

The category “Packaging, Food and Other Smart Solutions” might seem broad but only goes to illustrate that through science value can be added to almost any company. Our creative and flexible team has indeed proven valuable where the product in focus has been of very different kinds but from our perspective, the situations and solutions have many fundamental likenesses.

One fundamental issue common to so many industries and products and that we have both the knowledge to understand and the capacity to study is for example; how does water or other molecules (lipids, flavors, acids etc) diffuse within the product.
This has impact on chocolate pralines (the whitish surface is from lipids that have migrated), on packaging that suffer from acids reacting with the material, on desiccants used to protect goods on long journeys from dry Sweden to humid Indonesia, etcetera etcetera…
Another fundamental issue is; does the molecules adsorb on surfaces? This has process implications where the molecules are expensive and should not be wasted through adsorption on the surfaces of process tubing and pipes. It is the basis for biofilm build-up but not only a question for implant technology but also – again – packaging and processes.