PFAS lab

Forever chemicals such as the PFAS type must be removed from products in circulation. We have services that target different stages in the removal of these substances and materials, substituting them for something better.

  • Status assessment
  • List of alternatives
  • Benchmark comparisons
  • Chemical analysis

Status assessment

We look at the ingredients and materials you use today and make a first assessment based on the mechanism of action proposed by the targeted chemical. If all is not known, we can already in this stage make initial analysis to see how large your problem is, i.e. how much is in your product.

List of substitution alternatives

We provide you with alternative materials based on the current understanding of needs and mechanism of action. There will be pros and cons, but hey, there are some true cons with what needs to get eliminated…

Benchmark comparisons

We make the comparisons between the current and new product. For example, if the performance should be non-stick, we check the outcome with contact angle, tribology, QCM-D or other applicable methods.

Chemical analysis

Not only can we get data on what is in the product to start with, we can analyse the surfaces and dish- or rinse waters to make sure you know too. Some of the analysis could be in collaboration with other partners, depending on the matrix of interest.

Contact Roberto or Adrien for this service!