Everybody knows that the more you understand a situation, the better fit can your solution or adaption to it be. As consultants, we can never know all about our clients’ situations, but we can know all about our own.

The more everybody understands about how a company functions the better we can be when helping other organizations. Understanding how decisions are made based on liquidity and cashflow matters, when you guide someone towards the best process plan. Understanding IPR matters, when producing an honest and mitigating quote. Understanding supply chain and product mix strategies matters, when you help someone to the right material and pH. 

Understanding our own company is the first step, the one we can fully control and that also gives CR direct return. With our HAWD sessions the company has constantly developed ways, meetings, agreements… that gives the CR Way of Doing a higher quality, just because of understanding better. Transparency and trust are key. Here is a cake about that. 

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