We perform better when we understand our client and their world. But the value of what we provide is high partly because we are not really part of that world. 

Interfaces are important because that is where things happen. It is not until two molecules meet that they can interact. It is also through interactions that structures are built which we rely on. Interfaces are also boundaries, keeping things in place, inside a cell or a pharmaceutical carrier. The duality of the interface, keeping things apart and being the place where everything meet, makes them powerful. 

Think of when you make a nice salad dressing mixing oil and vinegar. They do not mix on their own, but you can make it work. By shaking you add energy breaking the vinegar into smaller drops blending with the oil. But as you stop shaking you see them separating. Adding mustard or honey, the drops will stay longer and the vinegar and oil will appear mixed for the time needed. This is because in these there are molecules that goes to the interface between oil and vinegar. There are several such molecules, preferring an interface. 

Now, think of business development as the oil and academic science as the vinegar. They do not mix easily on their own, but it can be made to work. It takes energy and when the project fund (the energy) is used up they will separate again. What you need when shaking is that interface loving species keeping the interface stable for longer. There are people like this. Team CR is your mustard, call us Honey. 

Interfaces are important. Just look at the roll cake layers!


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