Our book is full of recipes, as well as pictures of expected outcomes. Many of you will anyway fail in making these cakes. 

Part of this will be our fault; The Tech Transfer will not be perfect, not this time either. 

Tech transfer is hard. It is the art of explaining and documenting steps you will take for granted, that you might not even think of doing. It is almost like describing how you walk or breathe. It is dissecting every step, making sure no ambiguity is left, no room for fantasy, nuances, or different perspectives. A cup is not always a cup, but a milligram is a milligram is a milligram. For example, the partitioning of a substance into a lipid chunk could at a certain time point depend less on the actual chemical solubility and resultant partitioning, and more on what is considered a “small chunk”… as we learned. 

It is therefore always important to try to be exact and correct and to reduce the usage of comparatives. It is also important to understand why something is done, since that might help making the protocol better. So, ask, ask and ask. 

– Why are we cutting the lipid into pieces? 

– Because…. *confidential answer… 

– Ok, but if that is the reason, perhaps the size of the pieces will matter? 

When we work with pharma and med tech, it is important on a different level. As creative we might like to be when developing, as meticulous we become when transferring a protocol to labs that will continue our work. 

Here is a cake we are particularly proud of because of the lives our creativity in combination with meticulous ways help saving.

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