The person most important to the team is not the one who knows most, but the one who shares the most.

Six years into CR, our CEO was asked how she made sure individual learnings transformed into organizational learnings. Not having an answer to this question, the concept of project Wrap-Up was constructed. Since then, all projects are wrapped-up by the whole team present. We go through what we have learned about the science, ourselves and our client. We go through technical mistakes and ever since it was introduced, there is a slide where “the molecules” should be thoroughly in focus. We go through how we have managed the project, found “plan B” when needed and highlight the decisions made to deliver on time and budget. We go through the finances to learn where we estimated the time right (lab time: we are so good at that!) and where it was wrong (meetings and report). We bring up our client’s feed-back, how they will implement the learnings and what we have learned about their expectations of us.

It is through sharing what we have learned that the company develops, and this is maybe more important to realize for a knowledge-based consultancy company than for any other organization.

We have these Wrap-Ups in the FIKA room, from 2023 named “Semlan”*, and there is always cake. This book is about these cakes, and our learnings. *Semla is a traditional bun eaten in Sweden on the Tuesday before lent (Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day, Mardi Gras, depending on where you are). This is the day when in Christian tradition one should make a special point of self-examination. The point being to find the wrongs that can be made right. It is fitting to Wrap-Ups but we do tend to gravitate to the rights we are proud of and want to keep… 

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