In the development of new cleaning formulations time can be saved and new innovative routes can be found when the detergency effect is studied with sophisticated lab methods in addition to traditional standardised methods. CR has several experiences where such observations have led to new ideas for formulation but also for product differentiation and scientific marketing possibilities. 

Joint study of detergency using QCM-D

Biolin Scientific and CR have performed a joint study where the detergency effect and mechanism of a commercial dish washer product on four types of soiled surfaces was investigated. In addition, the commercial surfaces supplied by Biolin Scientific were evaluated for their potential in formulation development work.

The method applied by CR is the Quartz Crystal Microbalance with dissipation (QCM-D) technique where a commercial instrument from Biolin Scientific is used. In addition to the instrument, Biolin provides sensors coated with standardised soils from the Center For Testmaterials in the Netherlands to be used for cleaning studies.

In a recent study, Biolin Scientific and CR ventured to study the detergency of one commercial high-performance detergent (DWM, full formulation) against four different soil targets. Soil targets consisted of four different standardised grease soils and were coated on top of a porcelain mimicking QSense sensor. Sensors were evaluated using the QCM-D technology, this technology can quantify with high precision the swelling and removal process as well as details in the underlying mechanism of soil removal. Indeed, the study revealed that degreasing followed two different mechanisms of action.

Future collaborations

As much as CR values Biolin Scientific and the instrument which is highly used in various projects, there is a mutual value seen by Biolin. Eva Ekerot, Global Portfolio Manager at Biolin Scientific:

“It happens that industrial customers, who are new to the QCM-D technique, request either more significant feasibility studies prior to purchasing an instrument or additional help designing protocols and learning how to interpret data. Since Biolin Scientific and our distribution partners are not always able to take-on larger project, it is vital for us to be able to refer customers to a trusted partner.“

And why CR, according to Kenneth Olesen, PhD and Senior Application Specialist at Biolin Scientific:

“CR Competence, clear and conclusively, presented the outcome from the mentioned study. The presented results aligned all expectation, without any exception! I can highly recommend CR competence as a collaboration partner within the field of QCM-D.”

For our White Paper on QCM-D and ellipsometry, or our study on detergency with Biolin, please see the files below.

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