A transplant technology that can transform hours into years

xvivo transplant

As a consultant and contract researcher you have chosen to help others. Sometimes, you get to help people who really help others, like XVIVO Perfusion whose mission it is to increase the survival rates of patients awaiting a transplant. Currently, a clinical study is ongoing where patients who need a new heart are receiving this sensitive organ after it has been preserved in a completely new way. A way we have been a small but important part of developing, a way that has the power to transform hours to years.

If organs can be kept fresh longer than today, they can be transported much further or be kept ready when surgery is complicated, and ultimately more people in need can receive a transplant and live longer. Hours that provide years.

We are extremely proud of being given the trust to be part of this important development, a challenge which also has given much energy to our team. Together with XVIVO we have assessed possible formulation difficulties, suggested and tested solutions to these and helped reduce development times by performing guiding stability studies. XVIVO is a company that nurtures innovation through collaborations with a high level of trust and CR has been able to work directly not only with the development team at XVIVO but also with other partners to the company, important for the production and ultimately clinical use of the technical solution.

Thank you XVIVO for having us on board for this important challenge.

HPLC has been an important technique for the collaboration and here is a little more about this.

Techniques used:

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