Illustration by Maja Stenstam

If organs can be kept fresh longer than today, they can be transported much further or be kept ready when surgery is complicated, and ultimately more people in need can receive and live longer. Hours that provide years. The medical device company XVIVO is at the frontier providing such transplant technologies, and CR has had the honor of working with XVIVO for several years.

To help XVIVO with their product development we not only assessed possible formulations but also

  • developed,
  • validated
  • used
  • and transferred two HPLC methods for XVIVO.

The methods, HPLC with UV detection and HPLC with MS detection were first used to assess formulation strategies and thereafter used in guiding stability studies for up to two years. The methods were also transferred to the CMO selected by XVIVO.

XVIVO is a company that nurtures innovation through collaborations with a high level of trust and CR has been able to work directly not only with the development team at XVIVO but also with other trusted partners to the company, important for the production and ultimately clinical use of the transplant solution.

We are extremely proud of being given the trust to be part of this important development, a challenge which also has given much energy to our team.

Thank you XVIVO for having us on board for this important challenge.