CR has invested in a High Performance Liquid Chromatography System (HPLC) with diode assay detector (Agilent 1260) in 2023 upgraded with a ELS detector.

This means we have increased our capacity to help clients with HPLC testing services for pharmaceutical and life science related industries. For example, we can offer development and technical validation of new HPLC methods or perform individual analysis for assay, identity or separation of compounds by methods provided from our clients.

The ELS detector is a quasi-universal detector which we use for analysis of surfactants, amino acids, sugars, salts etc. Incredibly useful in our colloidal world! In other projects, for example working with fatty acids and fats we can also use HPLC-CAD. Yet a third possibility is HPLC-MS.

We develop methods, transfer to us or from us to GLP labs and CMOs. We perform specific investigations as well as longer term stability studies. Reverse engineering, patent infringement cases, partitioning investigations, generica preparations are all situations where our capability to develop, adapt and use HPLC methodologies is crucial.

For HPLC, talk to Henrik!