We provide lectures at your site and as webinars. Our lectures can be combined to courses over days or months or given separately. If you are interested in more than one we propose a combination of seminars in the morning and intense consulting in the afternoon.

The cost of a lecture/webinar depends on how many you are and if the lecture has been given by us many times before, should be tailored to the specific audience or is completely new and requested by you: Re-freshed, Tailored and New. Contact us for a price per lecture!

Lectures given as Re-freshed or Tailored:

  • Surface Techniques – the superficial approach for deeper understanding.
    Ellipsometry, QCM-D and AFM are highlighted. Link to White Paper.
  • Solid state NMR and skin chemistry. Link to Application Note.
  • HLD-NAC, its relation to HLB, CPP and how to use it.
  • Polymer-Surfactant systems, why do they not always mix?
    Associative and Segregative phase separation. Why it matters.
  • Polymer-Surfactant systems, building viscosity or making coacervates. How does it work?
  • Physical chemistry of cleaning
  • Emulsions and Suspensions: what stabilises them?
  • Rheological data: how to understand, use and get it right.
  • Foam: what is it and how can you design it?
  • Light scattering also on turbid samples- how it can be done. 
  • How to trust your scattering data. Link to White paper on scattering (light-, x-rays and neutrons).

Here is a lecture by Tobias Halthur given through AOCS (American Oil Chemist Society). “Surface techniques for a successful transformation to the natural space” This link takes you to You Tube.

Courses, open or in-house

Based on the book by Bj√∂rn Lindman and Krister Holmberg, and often in collaboration with the two professors, we give the course Surfactant and Polymers in Aqueous Solution” . Contact Tobias for this course. For details on latest or present registration follow the link.

Contact Tobias for courses and webinars