Why are drugs not taken as they should? There are many reasons why this is not always done. We have a client who wanted to reduce as many of these reasons as possible, in order to treat diseases and make the patient journey less problematic.

In this case, we were asked to realize a drug product idea that could reduce the number of patient visits to the clinic and also improve the patient experience.

Not only did we end up designing several different product concepts together with the customer, but we were engaged for over four years in the molecule and the work needed to characterize and evaluate different formulations. We worked intensively and in close collaboration with our client and our client’s partners. Together, we followed data through ups and downs and many unknowns.

So, after four years, several reports and many hours with a plethora of advanced instruments used to identify, characterize, understand and facilitate development of a new product concept – we at CR have learned that We Can Do This! We have together with the customer developed a platform for managing more complex and larger projects than ever before.

And our client has both a main and a back-up track of a product concept that can be taken into development towards a commercial drug product.

With the words of our client:

“We would never have been able to realize this idea into a product concept without your competence, access to advanced instruments and collaboration skills”.

Helena Nicklasson, VP Product Development & Drug Delivery;
Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Instruments used over the course of these four years were for example: NMR, HPLC and light scattering.