If possible, we come to you with a seminar you and your colleagues can feast on over lunch. If you are interested in more than one we propose a combination of seminars in the morning and intense consulting in the afternoon. Lunch is then much needed break for all of us!

Below are a couple of examples of lectures we’ve given also as webinars when the client has been far away or when they are themselves spread out on multiple sites.

  • Surface Techniques – the superficial approach for deeper understanding
  • Solid state NMR and skin chemistry
  • HLD-NAC, its relation to HLB, CPP and how to use it.
  • Polymer-Surfactant systems, why do they not always mix?
  • Polymer-Surfactant systems, building viscosity or making coacervates. How does it work?
  • Physical chemistry of cleaning
  • Physicochemical Principles of Liquid Formulations
  • Excipient characterization for QbD
  • Light scattering also on turbid samples. 
  • How to trust your scattering data.