Working with polymers or surfactants?
Your manager has probably taken this course – it has been given for more than 30 years!

This three-day intensive course provides a comprehensive overview of the chemistry related to the behavior of surfactants and polymers in solution and at interfaces within formulation science. All important aspects of surfactants and water-soluble polymers, as well as combinations of the two, are covered during the course, and is to a large extent generic and applicable to many of the aspects of formulation science and technology in the areas such as detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and coatings.

Examples of topics are environmental and health aspects of surfactants, surfactant self-assembly, surfactant and polymer adsorption, mixed surfactant systems and surfactant-polymer systems in solution and at interfaces, polymers in solution, wetting, surface and interfacial tension, microemulsions, emulsions and foams, solid dispersions and colloidal stability.

The course, is based on the book Surface Chemistry of Surfactants and Polymers (Wiley) and the lectures are given by two of the authors, professors Björn Lindman and Krister Holmberg.

We give this as an open course but also as tailored in-house versions at our clients’ facilities.

For questions about the course contact

For questions about the course contact: Anna Stenstam

Image: participants 2022 with the lecturers