Anna Stenstam, our charismatic and colourful leading lady, holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Lund University and is one of the co-founders of the company, together with Karin Bryskhe. With generous measures of gusto and conviviality, Anna builds and maintains a large portion of our quite substantial external network developing our services and business. In her role as CEO she is also responsible for all things legal and organizational. As would seem appropriate considering her key responsibilities, Anna is a people person with an equal passion for science, relations and the performing arts.

June 2, 2017 Anna was appointed Honorary Doctor at Lund University faculty of Engineering for her work bridging between Academia and Industry.

October 2018, Anna joined the external advisory board for NanoLund. and later the steering committee for MyFab, the national clean room infrastructure in Sweden. She is also co-initiator, lecturer and mentor in the Start-Up School for Scientific Service Companies, coordinated and facilitated through DESY, the research infrastructure in Hamburg.