We work according to agile values.

This means you will be involved. It also means we are prepared to manage uncertainties. We follow data and adapt. If you trust us. Science is a good handle to hold on to.

We need to understand your request, needs and circumstances.

To be able to select what is good enough or best way to use the resources, be it time or expensive material, we need to know what is important to you. Thus, we will make sure limitations, needs and expectations are thoroughly discussed before project start and we will have frequent demonstrations during the project.

Project processes

We will align the project with your processes. This means we can work on a running bill or with fixed project prices. We can add stop/go and decision points. We can work in iterations and you can have us on retainer. Below you find a list of alternative project processes. Talk to us about what is best for you!

All projects are equipped with a project manager, a scientific responsible and the experts needed.

The roles are transparent and we know from experience the value of this set-up. With our defined team, we deliver on time, on budget and with the right added value catering to your need.

project manager
Project Manager
Scientific Responsible
Scientific Responsible

New learnings should make a practical change for you.

Thus, we are happy to provide training, knowledge transfer and IPR documentation as a natural follow-up.

“The seminar that you gave at our premises and the follow up discussions were a success:
based on this activity, we are running preliminary experiments with promising results.
This is definitely encouraging us to perform a broader study on this topic”.

Personal- and house hold care ingredient provider, Europe

Rights and non-disclosure

We work in Business-2/4-Business and of course you own the rights to the important results and of course we work under confidentiality. We will agree on terms based on your company templates and to facilitate this, here is our position.