Rheology is the study of how something flows, a characteristic parameter of crucial importance to processes as well as performance and end-user perception. We don’t want the hair-coloring gel to flow down into our eyes. We don’t want the yogurt to be too thick. We don’t want the filling process to demand high pressures or temperatures. And what we really don’t want is a product that changes its flow properties, at least not uncontrolled…

Fortunately, it can be controlled. It can be more than controlled; it can be optimized, utilized and turned into an edge. You can have emulsions that feel rich and oily but penetrate skin easily. You can have gels that are responsive to environmental conditions and turn more or less elastic on your command. We understand rheology and work with it for your products and processes.

We also perform the necessary viscometry measurements that are an important handle on for example polymer degradation

The left image shows the loss of elasticity at a certain temperature. In this case a sharp transition was very important for both process and product quality.

The right image shows the thixotropy of samples, i.e. their sensitivity to shear and how this is “remembered” by the structural components.

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