Dóra Bárdfalvy, our practical theoretician, has a PhD in physical chemistry from Lund University where she worked on understanding interactions and collective motion in bacterial suspensions. When interviewing for CR she gave a lecture that involved sheep, birds, bacteria and nano particles in one go… no wonder we were captured! Dóra has used combinations of simulations, theory and experimental data to understand the type of systems we encounter a lot at CR: for example, systems where interactions lead to specific flow behaviors. One of her expert areas is rheology and she is our go-to person for rheological studies. In her spare time, she is as varied as in her work for CR, combining crafts, a love for plants, Lindy Hop and one of the most Swedish things there is, choir singing! Dóra has lived several years in Sweden and is originally from Hungary which means that in addition to everything else, she adds a new language to our collective knowledge base!

At CR, Dóra is involved in as different projects as possible as she is always eager to learn, a trait we appreciate immensely!