We have the possibility to use various X-ray technologies in our different projects but foremost we use SAXS (Small Angle X-ray Scattering) and XRPD (X-ray powder diffraction).

With XRPD, spacings within the material is resolved on Ångström scale and thus it is used to analyze crystallinity and phase transitions. We have used XRPD in studies where we follow the crystallization of substances in different environments, for example in a stability study performed in higher humidity. The amount of crystalline material versus amorphous has extreme implementations on solubility and other physicochemical characteristics. Through our collaboration with MAX-IV we can also use instrumentation with synchrotron source.

crystallisation wax rape seed

For example, we’ve used XRPD to study the crystallinity of rapeseed wax together with selected additives to control the behavior. The crystal structure (polymorphism) as well as the amount and size of the crystalline domains controls melting profiles and visual effects of re-crystallization and growth such as fat-blooming of chocolate etc.

For XRPD, talk to Jonas or Adrien!