The company No Palm Ingredients is one of those that give hope, that through science, entrepreneurship and team work we will do better: we will be able to feed 10 billion people by 2050 sustainably, efficiently and safely. Of course not with the NoPalm ingredients only, but by adding these type of ingredients to our mix: by using this type of oils for production of Swedish ginger bread cookies, mayonnaise or even for cheese.

Demand for palm oil

The demand for palm oil is increasing by 4% annually while the sustainably sourced palm oil (RSPO) only covers less than a fifth of today’s need… Thus, an alternative is urgently needed that does not involve increasing land use. This is where the No Palm technology comes in which uses a local bioprocess with local food waste such as potato peels or other as feedstock. 

This is brilliant! They are brilliant!

And as brilliant people do – they look for others to complement their capabilities and they chose to turn to CR for some important steps in their development.

Henrik Almqvist handing over from initial characterization to Jonas Carlstedt for down stream processes!

Analysis and downstream processes

Together with No Palm, we developed an analytical method which we could use to characterize their oil and indeed confirm its composition as “palm oil”. We have further provided initial downstream processing demos showing the possibility to enzymatically convert the oil to different speciality ingredients with varying phys-chem characteristics and application areas. We used HPLC-ELS for the analysis and to evaluate process parameters for the enzymatic conversion.

We are very happy to have been given the trust to contribute to No Palm’s mission and that they found the CR way of working well suited for them.

No Palm team

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