I’ve rarely been more proud than over the fact that we were partners of the two-day Summit called The Bridge. For two years we have planned for this very special event together with representatives from Invest in Skåne, Medicon Village, MAX IV, Region Hovedstaden and the City of Lund and last week we felt the impact. The impact could truly be FELT and now it is up to all of us to invest more of our time to continue pushing humanity forward -not for a better world or a less bad world – for a Good World. Because, as one of the lecturers Michael Braungart said – why be less bad if you can be good?

The vision of The Bridge is to push humanity forward by focusing on the challenges of our world combining Scientific approaches, Technological achievements and Business. Our goal is to help solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges. This year had four themes: “Clean accessible water”, “Ensuring healthy lives”, “Running out of raw materials” and “The power of sustainable energy”.

Among the lecturers we had Åsa Skogström Feldt (The hunger project), Rajendra Singh (Stockholm Water Prize 2015), Brent Loken (EAT Foundation), Konstantin Novoselov (Nobel Laureate 2013), Antoinette van den Berg (Future Touch) and Matilda Mettälä who sang her message! And after key notes there were practical examples and thereafter engaging break outs where the delegates all leaned in and contributed to specific questions addressed by producing companies and facilitating organizations. Our aim was not only to inspire but to act and we will continue to follow-up on the workshops and the results will feed into next summit.

All key note lectures will be made public through the facebook page of The Bridge so follow this group and do not miss the next summit.

Here’s my take home message number one and two: “Vote with your fork, three times a day” and “What difference a day make” sang by Matilda Mettälä.