CR and Nordic Substrate Solutions together with Dr. Christian Hultenberg have been approved funding for the project “Biodegradable plant substrate for hydroponic cultivation of leafy greens”. 

In the project we will develop a biodegradable binder that will hold together a growth substrate, such as peat or coir, for the time required to cultivate and thereafter biodegrade. 

The scientific yet practical approach of the CR team combined with the process and engineering focus of NSS and outside perspective of Hulteberg are all key. Just like rebar and cement, when different things are bound together they can get stronger. In this work it will be proven true both for the teams and the plant substrate pods! 

NSS and CR have been working together for a longer time and with this project the development can both accelerate and get that extra strength through an external perspective, a way of working we all look forward to. 

The development is funded by NSS together with the Swedish Board of Agriculture and the EU through EIP-Agri.