We have been awarded Best Partner 2023 by Procter & Gamble Connect + Development Americas and we are incredibly proud!

Can there be anything better than this for a service organisation, for people who want to be a Strategic Science Partner, for us who want to be able to contribute with all we know and understand to make better decisions? No, there cannot be anything better.

For 15 years, we have worked together, learned and developed as partners should. Without this partnership, the challenges and the mutual trust, we would not be the company and the team we are today.

Read more on the P&G Connect + Develop web about the award and their open innovation and collaboration.

Using our fantastic home-built ToBox to take as good pictures as possible of the glass statyett!

We cannot share what we do together in this partnership. But you are welcome to contact Anna Stenstam for how we work and what we want to be able to contribute with as Strategic Science Partners.