In the presence of the Swedish Majesty the King, the Swedish Prime Minister, scientists, chancellors and our CEO Anna Stenstam – the most brilliant light source in the world was inaugurated on the brightest time of the year in Lund – June 21st at 13:08:55 hours.

Now, new tools are here to make new wonders. We are excited about the possibilities this opens up for us at CR to solve our clients problems and take the step towards products based on “Quality by Understanding” that we so strongly believe in. If you wonder Why and When to use instrumentation like this, just contact us and we will for free give you an overview based on your company’s situation and challenges. We will also be able to perform projects for you using these capabilities, just like we are using other advanced instrumentation already.

Here is a short film from the inauguration.

And here is the song written for MAX IV – Elysium by Mahain Moin.