Pharma & Med Tech is indeed the application area that we have served the most in our history. In our team we have accumulated years of experience from formulation, analysis and large-scale manufacturing of products for several administration alternatives; nasal and pulmonary, oral, topical and intravenous, including small organic molecules as well as biomolecules. Solubility and peptide aggregation are our current pet-subjects.

Medical technology embraces products as permanent implants, tools as syringes and catheters, instruments used for diagnosis or treatment. We have worked with all kinds because our perspective is that it is very much a surface question. Almost every medical device is in direct contact with a body in one way or another. This could mean that the material surface must be protected not to be fouled by adsorbing proteins, or the complete opposite, that certain toxins should indeed adsorb for subsequent removal.

In this application area, we have provided clients with new concepts, critical solutions to formulation and analysis challenges as well as new IP, but we have also worked with straight forward failure mode and foreign particle analysis. We are not GxP. We understand GxP and can comply with your demands, transfer our methodologies to GLP and GMP facilities.

Here is our Value Proposition for companies in the pharmaceutical industry. CR_Value proposition Pharma May 2018