EkoBalans Fenix is a company that delivers solutions for plant nutrient recycling and sustainable management of residual flows from sewage treatment plants, biogas plants, the food industry and agriculture. With these technology solutions, they refine the residual flows into high-quality fertilizers and soil improvement products. 

Science founded courage

For one of their products, the ammonium sulfate, CR was introduced early in the company history, 2012. The task for CR was first to theoretically assess and thereafter experimentally validate the process parameters as well as resulting yield and crystallinity degree and characteristics. Later, CR were available as supporting consultants during scale up and as the first pilot was set-up and evaluated. 

Founder Gunnar Thelin

Today, looking at their important contribution to a much more sustainable agricultural state, this makes us very proud and happy to have been an important part of at the time. 

Early circular economy vision

This was 2012 and the concept of circular economy was not on everybody’s mind. The EU introduced its vision of the circular economy two years after, with a New Circular Economy Action Plan launched as late as 2020. Recirculating nutrients, managing food industry, biogas plants and sewage together, was however already then the vision of the founder Gunnar Thelin. The project with Ekobalans Fenix was one of the first for CR where sustainability was core, thus it is a milestone also for us. It made us aware. 

Aware of the need but also our potential as chemists and the importance of passionate scientists and entrepreneurs like Gunnar. We are very happy we could boost him and the team for this leap of faith. Thank you for your trust. 

Photo from the inauguration of EkoBalan’s manufacturing facility of circular fertilizer in collaboration with Wrams Gunnarstorp gods.

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